Filtering crash reports in Xcode, is this really all options I have in regards to filtering the timespan? How about "Last Month" or "Current Month" or last "X Days"?

The saga of cosmic jokes, also known as App Store Connect, continues. I‘d bet if Apple has to allow 3rd party app stores they‘ll have real troubles keeping up.

iPhone tethering, lots of swearing and a reboot later I’m not so sure anymore mine and GitHub Actions issues are actually self-induced …

Just realized this could have been the title of a super weird TV show „GI Otto“ 🧐

First time Shorts this year, and this scenic view must not go unshared. Next stop: Beer garden 🍻

Big boy out of surgery, just ate a good chunk of meat and sleeps now 🐈‍⬛

Waiting at the Vet, somehow this buzzer feels wrong… 😑 Wish us luck please, Fiete is going for surgery now.

Tomorrow this bloke is going to have a lump removed from inside his ear. He‘s not allowed to eat from tonight 8pm until tomorrow 1pm. That‘ll be hell of a day for him, please keep your fingers crossed everything turns out well. 🐈‍⬛

When marketing comes up with a new product name and everyone just approves without even reading it…

„Blichtungsprogramm: Benutzerhandbuch“ - Shot as in the manual…


TIL I use "zsh" wrong. I only ever use .zshrc and .zprofile, while I should also put changes to .zshenv


I have two cats, they’re both extraordinary in their own ways. This one here is Molle, when he‘s hungry he‘s touching and screaming at you. This pic perfectly summarizes his quest for food.

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