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When marketing comes up with a new product name and everyone just approves without even reading it…

Free startup idea: Something like LinkedIn but without recruiters.

As someone that loves OSS and maintains projects, this resource from Daniel Stenberg (the creator of curl) is awesome:
He shares his experience doing open source for over 20 years. Interesting fact: despite having started curl around the 90s’, he was only able to start working on it full time in 2020.

If you use an Open Source project that brings a lot of value to yours, go find the maintainers and thank them for the work they do. Bug reporting is not the only possible interaction with the maintainers of your OSS dependencies. #oss

„Blichtungsprogramm: Benutzerhandbuch“ - Shot as in the manual…


TIL I use "zsh" wrong. I only ever use .zshrc and .zprofile, while I should also put changes to .zshenv


spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

#macOS Software Tip: If you are using a Non-Apple Monitor and want to control brightness from your keyboard too, #MonitorControl might be the solution for you.

Dear Apple, please allow sharing of collections in, so I can share manuals of electronics with my spouse, please and thank you.

I have two cats, they’re both extraordinary in their own ways. This one here is Molle, when he‘s hungry he‘s touching and screaming at you. This pic perfectly summarizes his quest for food.

I have deleted my FB account mid-may last year, and I have literally NEVER looked back. It’s just been stealing my time and giving me close to no value.

You know you’re living the good life, if your can afford time to debate about how a statesman is dressed up while traveling in an airplane.

My second PR to the codebase got merged today, haven’t spent much time in years to contribute to OSS but it really feels good.

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