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He got this „we gotta talk“ look. And I‘m not sure about it.

Pretty sure every iOS dev has this one idea throughout their career…


60% of developers in this study agreed with the statement “I have completely abandoned an App idea because Apple may reject it.

And 71% agreed that “Apple is limiting innovation in apps because of its app store restrictions.”



Oh look, a new point and click I worked on hits the Switch! This one *also* took a lot of effort, mainly because adds too many nice details everywhere 🤣. Stop making games so pretty! ...or maybe not, really loved this game 😁


One single type of payment terminal (the Verifone H5000), a rather old platform, officially announced End of Life 2018 with some sort of support until 2023, brought down big parts of card payment all over Germany as one of the embedded certificates expired unnoticed on Tuesday.

A great #GunControl idea from r/Jokes 

I think the reason that schools are so dangerous is because of the name "School"

If we renamed all education centres as "Uterus" then republicans might actually care about what's inside them. #jokes


A reminder that Mastodon and the Fediverse do NOT use cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, tokens, coins, mining, web3 or anything like that.

Masto and the Fedi run on traditional servers and use a sustainable network federation model somewhat similar to e-mail (that's why Fediverse addresses look similar to e-mail addresses).

Also a reminder there are no venture capital firms or other investors either. No one owns the network, each server is independent. Masto and Fedi server running costs are paid by their owners, sometimes with donations from users.

No one is getting rich from the Fediverse, it is all volunteers with some getting donations and a few getting modest grants from foundations. Please remember this when you interact with admins or developers.

(There might be some individual users who post about cryptocurrency/blockchain, but the infrastructure this place runs on doesn't use it at all.)

Tl:dr - Decentralisation does NOT mean cryptocurrency/blockchain


He's trying to hide his excitement for the official pixelfed mobile app!

If you'd like to participate in our mobile app alpha, make sure you follow this account and boost this post.

We'll be inviting a few people at random (that follow us and boosted this post) to test out the app before anyone else! #pixelfed #pixelfedMobile

Is there a decent open source email (IMAP) client for iOS out there somewhere? Something comparable to K9-Mail or FairEmail on Android does not exist, but is there at least something to pick up and use?

Filtering crash reports in Xcode, is this really all options I have in regards to filtering the timespan? How about "Last Month" or "Current Month" or last "X Days"?

Ok, working now again, not sure what’s been going on there 🤷

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Already restarted my iPhone and tried cellular and WiFi,
no luck so far 😢

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Is the App Store down right now? I‘m not able to buy or download any apps at the moment.

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